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Let’s face it; social media can be a total time waster. It is so easy to get caught up in the posts that are flooding your social media feed instead of working.

Many of us waste time by watching insights into the world of other people who appear to be having a much more exciting life than way are. I’ll save that topic for another post.

We also waste time by commenting and liking posts that are not related to our business. There are ways, however, to use some tools and tactics to make sure that you don’t waste time on social media and use time allocated to this task to be more productive and drive the appropriate traffic and engagement to your business.

Through my training experience, I have found many people are so overwhelmed with the different social media channels and how to use them.

Social media moves quite fast, and there is a lot of noise to filter through on so many channels which make keeping on top of things challenging. So how much time should you be spending on managing your social media channels? Also, what channels should you be focussing on? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, and depending on your business the answer to this might be different from other businesses.

Following are my tips to help you keep on top of your social media efforts so that you spend this time more productively.

  • Define exactly what your purpose is with social media. Think about why you are there and what exactly you plan to get out of each social media channel that you are using.
  • Set up some automated systems between the different social media channels that you use. For example, with Instagram, with each post, you can instantly push it out to Twitter as well as Facebook. This is great for general posts but if you have the time it is always best to tailor your message on each social media channel to the audience.
  • Write a monthly, weekly and daily checklist of your social media channels and posts. I write a monthly plan around a particular theme. I then break it down into weekly sub-themes and plan out the posts for each channel.
  • It takes a few hours to come up with the overall plan and then you can sit down and schedule the weekly posts at the beginning of the week in about an hour. This way you have an idea in advance and are not just putting up posts just because you need to post something that day.
  • For each channel, create a daily checklist of how many times you plan to post to each and then check this list off as you create each post. I have a weekly checklist which contains the types and amount of posts for each channel.
  • Review your analytics at the end of the week to gauge engagement and see which posts were more popular. Then adjust your content and posting schedule as required.

Social media is an incredibly valuable business asset and when it is used consistently and in the right way you will see results.

Have any other tips you would like to share? Post them in the comments below.


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