How I pack for a business trip

pack for a business trip

Gone are the days when I used to have plenty of time to plan and pack for a business trip. I now travel overseas at least every six weeks and need to be more organised and ready to go at any given time.

One thing I hate is being unorganised, and lately, I seem to be too rushed and forget to pack certain things or overpack as I haven’t planned enough.

To combat this, I have now put together a packing routine. I have also come up with a way that I won’t forget any essentials anymore. Following is my new travel packing routine.


I purchased a tech Dopp kit from the Daily Edited to hold all my tech cables and chargers. I now use this permanently so that everything I use daily is kept together. That means that if I am travelling or working remotely, I can pick up this case and go knowing I have everything I need.

The Daily Edited Dopp Kit


I always seem to be rushing at the last minute to make sure I have all my beauty products and toiletries. Since I’m now travelling often, I have purchased a second item of everything and keep them permanently in a clear pouch in my luggage. This way I never forget anything and am no longer rushing around throwing everything in at the last minute.

Clear pouch from Adorne and toiletries bag from the Wanderers Travel Co.


I now meticulously plan each outfit. I have a clothes rack in my studio where I hang everything and plan out my outfits. I also use the Stylebook App. The Stylebook App has every piece of clothing that I own photographed and categorised. I also create outfits in the App and then make a packing list for each trip. The App then tells me each piece of clothing that needs to be packed.

I also minimise my packing by bringing jeans which can be worn several times on specific trips and black pants. I also consider outfits that can go with the same shoes so I only need to bring one pair, my sneakers and I wear another pair on the plane.

Planning my outfits

Leaving Room

When packing, I consider my bag full when I can zip it up without trouble and am not using the expandable section. I do this, so I have extra room to expand the bag if I make any purchases overseas which I almost always do.


Finally, I have a little card that I keep in the front pocket of my carry on that is a last-minute checklist of everything else I need to bring. I look at it the night before and before I walk out the front door.

The list includes my passport, medication, itinerary, wallet, phone and keys.

Now that I have implemented the above system, I’m more organised and prepared for my work trip which means I am less stressed.

Do you have any other travel organisation ideas? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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