How I organise my digital life

How I organise my digital life

Since computers, phones and tablets have become such a big part of our digital lives, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the different apps and tools and things can become easily cluttered.

By having everything organised on your laptop and other digital devices, you can work faster and more efficiently.

Below are five tips and ways that you can have a cleaner digital life.

  1. Your laptop/desktop home screen

Since your home screen is the screen that you see most of the time, it is best to keep your folders and apps visible that you use most often.

It is easy for you to just dump things on your home screen but this can become extremely cluttered and messy over time.

Also, in the case of the organisation I work for, anything not in the cloud or on a shared drive will be lost if your computer is compromised in any way.

Spend some time at the end of each week looking at your home screen and either delete things or move them into other areas on your computer.

  1. Note organisation

I use several different programs to organise my notes. I used to have notes all over the place but now have a system for filing a note depending on the content and what it is for.

I use Notability to capture all my ideas and to draft blog posts. Notability works seamlessly across all my devices so therefore it is easy to capture things quickly.

OneNote is used for capturing information around the web and for managing client projects.

I use Scrivener to capture all content that is part of a larger document. If you have to produce technical documents, create training materials or write research papers, Scrivener is the application of choice for these documents.

  1. My calendar

I use the default calendar on my iPad for personal appointments; my work outlook calendar is also synchronised as well as my business appointments calendar.

Each of these calendars has a different colour code so that I can easily see where each appointment is kept. They are then all viewed together so that I don’t put an appointment on one calendar without seeing appointments across all calendars.

  1. Email organisation

I always aim for inbox zero. If an email is related to a task, I flag it and store it in an appropriate folder. If it is one that I have responded to, I either delete or save it.

Then my inbox only contains emails that I have to take action on that day.

I then check my task list every morning for those emails I have flagged and work through them when I can.

  1. Social media management

I spend about half an hour in the morning responding and checking social media and then half an hour in the afternoon.

I keep these apps closed during the day so that I am not distracted.

I also only follow people that I am genuinely interested in. This removes a lot of noise.

A lot of the material out there says that you need to work on increasing your follower count. However, I disagree. You want quality followers that are engaged and interested in what you have to say. Otherwise, what is the point?

There you go. Five ways how I organise my digital life. I’d love to hear how you keep organised in the comments below. I am always on the lookout for new ways to streamline things and work in a more minimalistic way.


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