Cathay Pacific business class review: Sydney to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific business class review: Sydney to Hong Kong

Today I flew from Sydney to Hong Kong in business class with Cathay Pacific. I travel this route often, and this was my first experience with Cathay as I usually fly Qantas.

The flight was nine and a half hours, so you want to be comfortable. Their business class seats did not disappoint. The seats are like individual pods that are angled, so you feel more private.

I did, however, find the aircraft to be a bit outdated. The controls for the seat were not as advanced as those on Qantas. What I mean by this is that you could only move your seat to certain positions. I like to travel with my legs elevated but my back just inclined so far. With their seats, it was hard to control this as when you moved the footrest the end went down with it. You could not compartmentalise the different areas of the seat.

Business class seat
Comfortably seated in my business class seat

The choices of entertainment were much better than usual, and I watched something! This is totally rare for me as I can never find anything I want to watch.

The food was also reasonable. I liked the idea of the flight attendants having the meals all displayed on the cart so you can choose what you want based on what you see. This makes making a choice much easier. You know what you are getting rather than waiting until it is placed on your tray. I especially liked the dessert cart that they brought out.

Inflight Menu
Entree of smoked trout and salad

The staff were also incredibly efficient without being over the top. Other airlines have more of a personal service, but as I’m someone who travels frequently, I would prefer now just to be left alone. I get on the plane, take my seat and don’t want to be bothered. So, this was great.

So what airline do I prefer travelling on this route? I would say Cathay Pacific but for only one reason and that is because of the seat configuration.


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